Punta Banda

San Diego weather at Arizona prices

Great Weather

Punta Banda has the best year round weather in the whole solar system.

Great Views

All houses have a view of the ocean.

Reasonable Cost

San Diego weather for the cost of living in Arizona.

Great Food

Affordable great food at local restaurants.

What's the American Green Card Lottery?

The Diversity Visa (Green Card) Lottery Program is the official US Government program for immigration to the United States. The goal of the DV Lottery Program is to further diversify the US population by annually offering 50,000 immigrants from around the world an opportunity to experience the “American Dream.” People who are issued a Green Card have a legal right to live, work, and study permanently in the United States and may eventually become American citizens!
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Requirements to Enter the American Green Card Lottery

To participate in the American Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery, an applicant must be a native of a country currently permitted to participate AND they must have at least a high school education OR two years of work experience during the past five years in a job that meets certain US Government criteria.

The DVLotteryStateGov.US Green Card Lottery Program Advantage

We guarantee your entry into the US Diversity Visa Lottery Program. If you apply by yourself, you risk doing something incorrectly, being disqualified, and you will never even know it.

As a DVLotteryStateGov.US client, however, our immigration experts will ensure that your Green Card Lottery application and photograph(s) meet the very strict US Government standards; provide you with excellent customer service, and contact you promptly if you win.

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About DVStateGov.US

DVStateGov.US is a privately-owned company that is not in any way affiliated with the United States Government.

Our customers enjoy many benefits not available to people who apply the Green Card Lottery for free on the US Government website. 

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